October 7, 2010

He's Finally Here!

Wednesday September 29th, 2010 at 4:40pm life changed for Saj and I. We officially became parents to our son Isaiah Eli McKenley. What a moment that was when Saj looked at me and said - "ITS A BOY." I was so overjoyed, and in shock as well. We were so happy to finally meet him. We didn't find out the sex and wanted to be surprised. All along we were thinking it was a boy, but towards the tail end of my pregnancy I decided that I should change my thoughts just in case it was a girl. We were going to be happy either way. Its still so hard to believe that he's finally here.

Life has changed, but it has been a wonderful change. Each day Isaiah is getting more and more use to us. He's been feeding much better and resting too thankfully. Saj and I enjoy just looking at him and kissing him. He's so perfect to us and we are truly blessed to have him in our life. He's just made life that much sweeter :)

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Philip K said...

The surprise is fantastic. Praying for continued blessings on you and your family