January 7, 2014

It's a New Year, Be Happy!

It's a New Year, be Happy!

This is my way of saying "Happy New Year" which I'm sure you've all heard over the past couple of days now from various family and friends.

So indeed it is a new year. There is always such excitement and great joy with the turn of a new calendar year. Perhaps because it means new possibilities, new careers & new goals to accomplish for many. I too love the new year & the freshness that January brings. I had started to compose a long list of things that I had wanted to do this year, but then I had to stop myself. Realistically my life is dictated these days by my 5 month old daughter & toddler son. In my mind I would love to do about 100 things, but that would mean sacrificing important things to me which is mothering these two precious gifts of God. Instead of focussing on many things, I am choosing to continue on with my priorities and "strive" to do even better with God's help & strength. Here are some of the things which I'll be focussing on once again;

1. Placing God 1st!
*I like to start my day off by praying and reading God's word giving Him my full attention*
(side note, there are many days when I do this while the children are awake. I would rather do this before they wake up, but it doesn't always work out that way. Plus I don't mind them seeing me read or pray. How else will they learn to do this?)

2. Loving & Respecting my husband.
(This will be pretty easy because I really do have a wonderful, caring, loving husband. Seriously :)

3.Spending time on the floor with the kids.
(These two are playful little souls & Missy is getting quite active now with reaching out & rolling around. Plus my toddler boy is 3....enough said, haha)

4. Having dinner ready, or at least started by the time the hubby gets home.
(Hello Crockpot :)

5. Having a clean kitchen before heading off to bed.
(I love going into a clean kitchen in the morning. Truth be told it doesn't happen often enough, but were working on it)

I know that everyday will bring about its new challenges & perhaps nothing will get done, but as long as I strive to do the very best that I can with the time I've been giving each day, I will be happy. It's all about trying and striving for this mamma.

I would like to take this time to wish you all the very best as we journey on in 2014. Good things are on the way for you. Just believe, trust God & stay focussed.

It's a New Year, be Happy!

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